PRESS RELEASE: U.S. Senate Candidate Opposes Zuckerberg’s Modern-Day Book Burning with Second Ghost Gunner Machine Giveaway

U.S. Senate Candidate Opposes Zuckerberg’s Modern-Day Book Burning with Second Ghost Gunner Machine Giveaway

Kansas City, MO - The Austin Petersen for U.S. Senate campaign announced today they will be opposing the egregious conservative speech censorship of Facebook and First Amendment infringement of both state and federal governments by holding a giveaway for a second Ghost Gunner machine. The second machine was donated by a supporter, and will be given away the morning of the Missouri U.S. Senate Primary, August 7th.

“This is a modern-day book burning and Mark Zuckerberg has lit the first match,” stated Petersen. “It has become in vogue for leaders to limit controversial speech to further their leftist political agendas. This shameful censorship of information should be chastised by those of all political persuasions, and Facebook’s constant ban of gun-related and conservative content is particularly hypocritical, as the dissemination of information is what leads to innovation - a pillar of their company culture and branding. ”

After a five year legal battle, Cody Wilson and his non-profit firm Defense Distributed won the right to post code to 3-D print firearms, also referred to as “ghost guns”. Facebook immediately began removing posts which shared the code, and on Monday, July 30th, eight states as well as the District of Columbia had sued to block its continued release. By Wednesday, a Seattle Judge issued a temporary restraining order, causing the blueprints to be removed from the Defense Distributed website.

“While the Ghost Gunner is a self-contained milling machine and not a 3D printer, we feel it is important to demonstrate not just Petersen’s commitment to the Second Amendment, but also the First Amendment.” stated campaign manager Jeffrey Carson. “Historically, leaders have used the destruction and censorship of information to keep citizens in chains - destroying bibles, historical documents, politically inconvenient speech, and anything in opposition of their political or religious ideology. This isn’t just about gun rights. Our freedom is at stake.”

Petersen was previously banned from Facebook twice for advertising AR-15 giveaways. The bans were revoked after Petersen penned an open letter to the social media giant which alluded to their Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg’s friendship and financial support of Petersen’s opponent, incumbent democrat Claire McCaskill, as a driving force behind the ban. Facebook’s terms of service have since been updated to no longer allow gun giveaways.

Austin Petersen is a pro-life, pro-liberty, pro-Constitution candidate for U.S. Senate. Petersen is a small business owner and the founder of the online news source, The Libertarian Republic. Previously, he pursued a career in media as a Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show Freedom Watch on Fox Business and as a Director of Production for FreedomWorks.

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