Townhall Senior Columnist Kurt Schlichter Endorses Austin Petersen

The Austin Petersen campaign is excited to announce author and commentator Kurt Schlichter’s endorsement of Petersen’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate.

"Austin understands that the key issue in this race for liberty-loving Missourians (and all Americans) is whether we’re going to side with a failed status quo or rediscover the freedoms the Founders wrote into our Constitution,” Schlichter said. “Missourians want a return to normalcy, and they reject both the cronyism of the establishment as well as the hyped outrage and contempt for others that we see from the left and their media. You can trust Austin to stand fast for his principles - for our principles."

Kurt Schlichter is a trial lawyer, a retired Army infantry colonel and a senior columnist for The Austin Petersen campaign is honored to have his support. 

“I’m grateful to have the support of another liberty-loving individual,” said Petersen in response to Schlichter’s endorsement. “Kurt Schlichter is a politically savvy influencer whose endorsement only invigorates my commitment to restoring integrity in the Senate.”