The Libertarian Shaman: Austin Petersen’s Unique Ability to Connect With Voters Through Social Media is Being Overlooked by the Traditional Media

With Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley recently entering the Republican senate primary race to see who will be the GOP’s nominee against the hapless and out of touch liberal Claire McCaskill (D-MO), many pundits and prognosticators of all things senatorial, believe that the Hawley, a Stanford University and Yale Law School graduate, has the proverbial golden ticket and will be the presumptive nominee.

Yet, if anyone has followed politics in America at the national and statewide level in recent years, they know that many voters are angry with establishment candidates. Thus, anything can happen and it is clear that establishment candidates like Josh Hawley do not always win.

Case in point, there was a time not too long ago, when many political commentators believed Jeb Bush had the Republican Presidential nomination in the bag. They said Jeb was the “inevitable candidate.” However, in radical counter distinction to these expectations, it only took a few months and a wasted $125 million dollars of super PAC money to conclusively demonstrate that Jeb Bush was a fraud and that Republican voters did not want another Bush in the White House.

Despite heavy advantages in establishment money and endorsements, political incumbent Josh Hawley does not have the upcoming Missouri Senate race “in the bag.” Far from it and if he is to win the upcoming brutal primary season, he will have to go through a formidable and innovative candidate in Austin Petersen who announced he is running for Senate in Missouri this past July.

Petersen is a uniquely gifted candidate with an entirely different skill set than the traditional Republican candidate Hawley. Petersen has many intangibles and is a master communicator with an uncanny ability to connect with voters through social media and other internet venues.

Also, if anyone watched the Fox Business Channel Libertarian Debate early last year, they will remember that Petersen easily defeated Gary Johnson and John McAfee. It also must be noted that in 2012, a then unknown Texas Solicitor General named Rafael “Ted” Cruz was losing badly to a Republican establishment candidate until the GOP primary debates. Austin Petersen’s skill at debating could strike lightening in the bottle for him in the way it did for Ted Cruz down in Texas. If so, there are many indicators that Austin Petersen could become the Libertarian torch bearer in the mold of former Republican congressman Ron Paul.

Despite Hawley’s establishment advantages, the Republican race for Senate in Missouri is anything but over. Kansas City resident Austin Petersen has a great shot at defeating Hawley and becoming the GOP candidate the take on Claire McCaskill next fall.

Lee Enochs is a conservative political commentator who is studying political philosophy at Princeton University and theology at Princeton Theological Seminary. Lee is also the author of the book, “The Case for Rand Paul.” This piece appeared on The Libertarian Shaman on November 1, 2017.