The Blaze: Former Libertarian Party presidential candidate now running for Senate — as a Republican

“I will 100 percent remain true to the same principles I’ve always had no matter the party,” Petersen told TheBlaze.

Moreover, Petersen believes that Missouri residents are ready for the seat to flip from blue to red, even though McCaskill has held the seat for over a decade.

“I’m very confident that Missouri would happily trade a liberty Republican for Claire McCaskill,” Petersen told TheBlaze. “Not only are the polls not in her favor, but if you look at the Roy Blunt returns compared to the Trump votes on the same ballot, it’s clear that Missouri voters want change.”

During the 2016 elections, Republican candidate Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) beat out an unexpectedly strong showing by Democratic challenger Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander for Missouri’s other Senate seat, winning by just under 100,000 votes.

Furthermore, Petersen said public support has never been greater, even after his announcement that he was switching parties.

“The news of my party switch has been overwhelmingly positive. People think that a liberty Republican is actually very good for the brand because, unlike the Democrats, Republicans appear to pride themselves on some level of intellectual diversity,” Petersen told TheBlaze. “At least, that’s been my experience thus far meeting with GOPers here in my home state.”

Originally published in The Blaze.