Petersen Trailblazing New Way to Connect to Voters in Missouri

Kansas City, MO. — Austin Petersen, candidate for U.S. Senate in Missouri, is the first Missouri candidate to join the YourVote platform.

Petersen has been actively utilizing technology to run his campaign, from cryptocurrency donations to being heavily involved with his supporters on social media, and now to bringing a new service to the state of Missouri.

YourVote is a nonpartisan platform which will help voters give direct input to their elected officials and candidates on specific issues. YourVote is the future in connecting elected officials with their constituents.

"The fact that Austin is the first federal candidate to utilize YourVote demonstrates he is true to his word in fighting to restore the voice of the people,” said Jay Harrison, Founder & CEO of YourVote. "To ensure the people of Missouri are accurately represented, he has already shared YourVote with other candidates and elected officials, like Ben Baker of Neosho. Their sincerity and commitment is, unfortunately, a rarity these days. We look forward to others following them in giving every constituent a seat at the table."

Candidates and elected officials are able to send out polls to hear the opinions of their supporters. Which allows them to give feedback completely anonymously and have the opportunity to make their voices heard on hot topics like Syria, tax reform, etc.

"Austin is excited to be the first candidate here in Missouri to join the platform. We are looking forward to being able to engage supporters and constituents in a new way, and Austin plans to continue use of this platform as your next U.S. Senator." said Heather Coil, Communications Director for the Austin Petersen Campaign.

Petersen is the founder of the online news source, The Libertarian Republic, and has also worked as a Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show Freedomwatch on Fox Business.

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