Gravis Poll, May 2018: Full Results

Key Takeaways: 

Overall: Austin beats Claire by 16 points. That's about where you'd expect a Republican to be performing, given Trump won Missouri by 19 points in 2016.

Among women: Austin beats Claire by 19 points. That's surprising to me, but it's also inline with where Austin is overall. Definitely not a good sign for Claire.

Among young people (18-29): Austin beats Claire by 41 points. That's shocking to me. Not because I didn't think Austin would outperform her with this demographic, but because he does so by such a huge margin. Another very, very bad sign for Claire.

Bottom line: "Austin Petersen is by far the strongest GOP candidate against Claire McCaskill, and the polling confirms this." Get used to saying that over and over again!

- Jeffrey Carson, Campaign Manager, Austin Petersen for U.S. Senate