Republican Liberty Caucus- "Austin brings some much-needed common sense and has both the knowledge and the skills to effectively articulate the liberty message. We don’t need another career politician in D.C., we need bold reform and leaders unashamed of consistently fighting for the principles of limited government, free markets and individual liberty; Austin is that leader and we’re proud to stand behind his candidacy.”



Dave Rubin- "Austin Petersen is exactly the type of voice we need in politics right now. He knows what he believes, why he believes it, and why we must fight for it."



Kurt Schlichter- "You can trust Austin to stand for his principles - for our principles."



Congressman Bob Barr- "Austin Petersen is a tireless champion of individual liberty and freedom. Missouri would be well-served to send him to Washington so he can support and strengthen the efforts of Senators like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee."



Congressman Joe Walsh- "Austin Petersen is the real deal: freedom and limited government."



Gary Nolan- "Austin Petersen is a new brand of republican that I will take in a New York second over Hawley. If he goes to Washington, he will be a true representative for Missouri and the country and one that I would be proud to know."


John Burk- "My years of service taught me to value integrity and loyalty. These are virtues mostly absent in the world of politics. In Austin however, I've found someone I know I can trust to legislate according tot he principles of liberty, who will always give a straight answer to his constituents, and will remain firmly loyal to the Constitution. I'm proud to endorse Austin Petersen as the next U.S. Senator from Missouri."



Larry Sharpe- "You can get more people on your ballot who care about the individual rights of every single American. You can do that by ensuring that Austin Petersen is on that ballot...I know Austin. I've known him for years. I'm supporting him. I hope you will too."



Kyle Kashuv- "I proudly endorse Austin Petersen for U.S. Senate in Missouri. Austin is a proud defender of the Second Amendment and principles of liberty. He has motivated thousands of young people across the nation to fight for conservative values. Austin has my full support, and I look forward to him championing the cause of freedom in the U.S. Senate."


Representative Mark Matthiesen- “Austin Petersen is a principled man who believes that local communities and personal virtue always solve more problems than big government. I've worked diligently in the Missouri legislature to protect our citizens and their rights, and Petersen and I share a sense of duty to the people of Missouri. His value system will not be shaken, even under pressure. I'm proud to join my esteemed colleague Dr. Neely in endorsing Austin Petersen for U.S. Senate."


Colonel Rob Maness- "Austin has my full-throated personal endorsement in the Missouri U.S. Senate race to FIRE progressive left-wing Senator Claire McCaskill, and replace her with a bona fide liberty loving, independent-minded, constitutional conservative."co




Sheriff Greg White- "I believe it is time for Missouri to have another senator that is truly '...of the people, by the people, and for the people.' I believe Austin Petersen is the man to represent our values in the United States Senate. I endorse Austin Petersen as the next senator of Missouri!"



Kassy Dillon- "Austin Petersen's vision for America is rooted in a profound respect for the Constitution. With Democrats constantly turning to radical socialist policies, Austin's dedication to liberty, small government, and fiscal responsibility is desperately needed in the U.S Senate. I am grateful for his continued fight for constitutional principles, and look forward to him joining other like-minded conservative leaders in 2019."



Ryan Moran- "Sending Austin Petersen to Washington will give Missouri - and all Americans - a representative that believes that government should get out of your bedroom, out of your religion, out of your business, and out of wars."



Representative Jim Neely- “Austin Petersen is certainly not ‘mailing it in’ - he is everywhere. I’ve lost count of how many events we’ve been to together. I have yet to meet any of the other leading candidates at any of the Lincoln Day events or elsewhere,” stated Neely. “His grassroots support is growing. Missouri needs an honest, principled, hard-working representative in Washington, D.C. I believe Austin is that leader and enthusiastically endorse him in the upcoming GOP primary.”



Joshua Feuerstein- "A candidate has to be rock solid on three issues to earn my endorsement: protecting life, religious liberty, and our second amendment. In the Missouri U.S Senate race, there is one candidate with a proven track record of relentlessly fighting for these ideas, and that candidate is Austin Petersen. I want to take this opportunity to proudly and publicly endorse his candidacy to challenge leftist Democrat Claire McCaskill this November."