Allman Interview: Austin Petersen Challenges Hawley Before McCaskill In Senate Race

With the vote more than a year away, the polls are already moving on to the 2018 general election, at least when it comes to the U.S. Senate Race in Missouri. Big donors pushed hard for Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley to challenge incumbent Claire McCaskill even though he was just elected to his post less than one year ago.

Many Missouri conservatives may not be on board the Hawley train. Monday, one of Hawley's Republican challengers talked to The Allman Report. Austin Petersen says he is a conservative candidate in the same vein as Rand Paul, and someone like him is who is needed in Washington, D.C., not a burgeoning "career politician" like Hawley.

Petersen says many in the grassroots are not Hawley supporters and will not support him in his U.S. Senate bid.

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